The mission of ASTAR is to make society a better place .
- Founder George Hsieh
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George Hsieh Co-founder


Lien Sheng-wu Co-founder

George Hsieh
Legislator (from 2005 to 2016)
2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award
Founder, Hualien Media International
Founder and CEO, Digital Gong Cheng Securities
Legislator (from 2005 to 2016)
2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award
Founder, Hualien Media International
Founder and CEO, Digital Gong Cheng Securities
Lien Sheng-wu
Executive director, China Prosper Capital Corporation Limited
Director, SinoPac Securities
Director, Bank SinoPac
Executive director, China Prosper Capital Corporation Limited
Director, SinoPac Securities
Director, Bank SinoPac
Andy Hwang
Chief Operating Officer
Andy Hwang is an expert in high-end retail and luxury brand management in Greater China region. He led the effort to introduce luxury brands such as Paul Mitchell and John Paul Pet to the Chinese market, and served as the broker and distributor of luxury US-based and Italy-based yachts. He served as the vice president and later president of the Greater China arm of ROK Stars, the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks producer and distributor founded by US billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK serial entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick. Hwang brings to the ASTAR group his insight and expertise in the premium market as well as his experience in running businesses with the aim to spearhead new products/ideas in a new market.
Chairman, China region, John Paul Pet
Chairman, Guangdong, China, Paul Mitchell
President, Greater China region, ROK Stars
Distributor, Marquis Yachts, Carver Yachts, Larson Boats
Ray Cao
Chief Technology Officer
Ray Cao is a former p8 technical expert at Alibaba. Skilled in leading start-up tech teams and managing the development process, Cao is the founder of the popular Chinese comedy website He also provided guidance and training in team management and flow control to several start up projects. A major contributor to several open source communities, Cao has been sharing his knowledge Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript as a senior lecturer and translated for the book “JavaScript for Web Developers” into Chinese. He serving as the CEO of the Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange BitRabbit, which is one of the most successful crypto exchanges in Asia, drawing over 50,000 users and clocking a trade volume of around US$1 million in its first month.
CEO, BitRabbit
CTO, (China’s top meme website)
P8 technician, Alibaba
Founder, Chinese comedy website
Senior lecturer, Rails, Ruby, JavaScript courses
One Huang
Chief Coin Officer
One Huang is one of the leading cryptocurrency investors since he has invested in cryptocurrencies well before the 2017 global bitcoin hype. He co-wrote the book “Bitcoin: The Guide of Investing Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies” with popular Chinese blockchain media “”, which is recognized as the “crypto-investment bible” in Taiwan. Huang is the founder of the crypto-insider forum CryptoLounge and the angel investor of the Australia-based exchange Huang is also a prolific producer of professional cryptocurrency investment reporters under the brand CryptoMountain. As Astar’s Chief Coin Officer, Huang will help the ASTAR project negotiate the field of cryptocurrency investment and helps educate the market of the visions and concepts behind the ASTAR blockchain.
Co-author, “Bitcoin: The Guide of Investing Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies”
Columnist, popular blog
Founder, CryptoLounge
Project manager, ICO consultancy firm Mica
Angel investor,
Pang Hong-yuk
Chief Star Officer
Pang Hong-yuk is a star in his own right. Pang had been a member of the Taiwanese super boyband 5566. Formed in 2002, the group has been known for its multi-talented stars and its quintessential Taiwanese performance style. In 2005, Pang founded the talent agency firm Wingman Limited, which later merged with the Hong Kong-based agency Music Nation Group. Pang serves as the Taiwan chief executive officer for the Taiwan arm of Music Nation. Pang is also a partner at the Taiwan-based entertain firm The Dow Cultural & Creative Co. A veteran artist and top talent agent, Pang brings his know-how and showbiz connection in the Greater China region to the ASTAR project.
Founder & CEO, Dow Cultural & Creative Co.
Member, Taiwanese pop idol group 5566
Founder, Wingman Limited
Francisco Ou
Francisco Ou is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China serving from 2008 to 2009. Ou is fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. In 1972, Ou was picked as one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan. In his tenure as foreign minister, Ou oversaw a period of détente with China and improvement in Taiwan’s international exposure.
Former Foreign Minister of Taiwan
Chairman, ROC-USA Business Council
John Yeh
John Yeh’s inspiring story as a relentless young entrepreneur is well known in Taiwan. Founding the tech company Hiir in 2008, Yeh journeyed through hardship to become a success story when his firm won the Facebook Ads API Hackathon and was acquired by the Far Eastern Group for NT$100 million. In the Far Eastern Group, Yeh established the B2B e-commerce platform friDay and guided it into one of the fastest-growing platforms in Taiwan. Yeh is now frequently consulted by the government in his role as an entrepreneur and a young leader.
Founder, tech firm Hiiir
Project Manager, e-commerce platform friDay
Matthew Saver
Matthew Saver is an entertainment attorney based in LA. Forty years in practice, he is one of the most experienced attorney in his field and has represented Hollywood stars including Jodie Foster and Shia LaBeouf. Saver also provided legal affairs services for a series of Hollywood movies, including James Cameron classics such as Terminator 2 and Alien, specializing in planning, fundraising and distribution. His expertise and services for some of the world’s most famous projects and people make Saver a local celebrity in his own right, offering ski resort tips to major LA media outlet The Hollywood Reporter, for example. He earned a law degree from UCLA School of Law.
Entertainment attorneys (representing stars include Jodie Foster and Shia LaBeouf)
Legal consultant for Hollywood productions
Leo Cheng
Leo Cheng is a founder and principal at Blockstate, a San Francisco-based blockchain advisory firm. Blockstate has advised blockchain projects in various industry verticals, including Gaming, IoT/Connected Devices, and Social Media. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Mithril (MITH). As a lifelong student of technology, Cheng has always been on the business side of technology. Prior to Blockstate, he served on the founding management team at Solano Labs, a developer tools SaaS company that was acquired by GE Digital. Cheng has held various roles in Finance, Operations, Marketing, Product, and Business Development across startups and enterprises. Cheng received his BA in Economics from University of California, Berkeley and MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.
Founder & principal, Blockstate
Chief Operating Officer, Mithril (MITH)
Adam Y. Cheng
Adam Y. Cheng is an Executive Director at KHL Capital, one of the largest Private Equity funds based in Taiwan. Prior to KHL, Cheng served as Corporate Development Director at Miniwiz, a start-up company focusing on green technology. He also founded AKAD Education, the largest MBA application consultancy in Taiwan, which he is still serving at the board. Cheng was an investment banker in Merger, Acquisition & Restructuring Division at Morgan Stanley Hong Kong office and was a consultant in Performance Improvement Division and an associate in Financial Advisory Services Division at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Cheng received his MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (with two-year Joseph Wharton Fellowship) and his B.B.A. in management from National Taiwan University.
Executive Director, KHL Capital
Founder, AKAD Education
Lucy Chen
Lucy Chen holds a first-class bachelor\'s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Leeds, England, and a master\'s degree in telecommunications and business finance from the University of London. She has served as the executive vice president and general manager of UCloud, the largest domestic cloud taxi service provider in China. Chen is an independent investor in several projects, including in the US (currently valued at US$600 million) and is currently the founder and market partner of BitRabbit, the Australian cryptocurrency exchange.
Co-founder and investor, cryptocurrency exchange BitRabbit
Global VP, UCloud
Kevin Hoo
Kevin Hoo is a co-founder and contributor to the popular blockchain news and opinion website aims to introduce international blockchain information to the Chinese-reading audience, so that Chinese communities can more easily read and absorb news related to blockchain development and trends. The content of the website covers the latest developments in the blockchain industry as well as legal and government policies for cryptocurrencies. Prior to founding the block, Hoo was the director of games and development at We!M, a Hong Kong game online animation forum.
Co-founder & contributor,
Director of games and development, We!M
Jaclyn Tsai
Jaclyn Tsai, a well-known figure in women\'s legal and political fields in Taiwan. She had worked in the District court in Yilan, Changhua, Taoyuan, and Shilin District, Taipei; after that she transferred to IBM and served as the chief legal officer of IBM Taiwan and Greater China, then founded "Lee, Tsai & Partners" with her husband. "Lee, Tsai & Partners" has actively participated in different types of public interest activities. With the professional motto "Reason”, ”Compassion”, and a mission statement “To provide the highest quality of professional service to our clients through our comprehensive knowledge of their industries while dedicating ourselves not only to our clients but also to our community." Jaclyn specializes in Science and Technology Law, cases about merger & acquisition, technology licensing & transfer, etc. Her profession in law is well-known in the legal industry. Besides the legal field, Ms. Tsai is also committed to promoting the proportion of female business leaders in the board of directors; therefore, she established Taiwan Women on Boards Association along with other successful businesswomen.
Chief Legal Officer, IBM Taiwan and Greater China
Co-Founder, Lee, Tsai & Partners
Co-Founder, Women on Boards Association
We are a group of people who pursue a better life and honor the value of sharing. Our mission is to eliminate information asymmetry and uneven resources distribution and elevate the social status of Chinese popularity.
Combine with the power of community and blockchain technology, ASTAR builds an ecosystem connecting all the resources. And generates value for all the members and the whole society.
5P strategy is the backbone to support ASTAR ecosystem.
Power Event,
Plush Trips,
Preventive Healthcare,
Private Banking,
and Platform of Crowdfunding.
Power Event
Plush Trips
Preventive Healthcare
Private Banking
Platform of Crowdfunding
5P strategy is the backbone to support ASTAR ecosystem.
Power Events
ASTAR Power Comnunity is a place where high net worth individuals, influencers, industry leaders and talented individuals meet, connect, and enjoy the exclusive services provided by the ASTAR platform. There are four main types of ASTAR members-only events: local gatherings, luxury recreational trips, power meetings, and charity events.
Plush Trips
Plush Trips are a key attraction of the ASTAR platform. Designed as families trips for members or a select gathering of ASTAR members, plush trips can range from private jet trips flying to paradise resorts to unforgettable casino nights tailor fitted to our members’ tastes and needs. ASTAR has reached cooperation agreements with vendors of exclusive trips -including luxury Amazon cruise trips and Tokyo Michelin cuisine trips -- that are rare and hard to access for people outside of ASTAR.
Preventive HealthCare
Working alongside our biotech partners, ASTAR Preventive Health Care will be an integral part of our premium services to ensure that our members have the best health care possible:

  • Advanced health screening.
  • Cutting-edge services such as stem cell treatments and gene therapy.
  • On-demand staff to handle planning and booking.
  • Pre-arrival concierge services for trips such as car hires, airport transfers, cultural guided tours, and chef services.
Private Banking
In addition to social networking, luxury trips and concierge services, ASTAR also provides our elite members tailor-made private banking services to help build and manage our members' crypto portfolio, offer investment strategies and manage assets.